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Love 'em or hate 'em, Brett Favre and Michael Vick jerseys are super popular

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Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre and Philadelphia Eagles utility man Michael Vick have both returned to the NFL with a great deal of public scrutiny lately, but that hasn't stopped their jerseys from becoming two of the top-sellers this summer.

Only Favre's purple-and-gold No. 4 has outsold the brilliant No. 6 of Chicago's own Jay Cutler, while Vick's No. 7 ranks fourth on the list of most popular textile tributes. Considering that Vick has only been an Eagle for about two weeks, one can imagine the blistering pace that these things must be flying off the shelf.

So Chicago, are we going to stand for that gray-bearded division pest to the north to show up our newly found pass-throwing Messiah, or are you going to get out there and buy every Cutler jersey you can get your paws on?

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1 Comment

I'm so happy for Mike right now. America is the best country in the world!!

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