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Jay Cutler's debut: Ehhh, OK I guess

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After months of seemingly fevered anticipation, Jay Cutler made his debut at quarterback for the Bears in their preseason opener tonight against the Buffalo Bills.

It was not, however, the most impressive first performance.

Cutler completed five passes on 10 attempts for 64 yards and led the first unit to a field goal in the first quarter, but was also picked off an underthrown deep ball. He did connect on two long plays -- a 23-yard pass to Devin Hester and a 30-yard completion to Desmond Clark -- before being replaced by backup Caleb Hanie.

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Looks like the same old Bears, NO pass rush, soft o-line play ! Poor Caleb Hanie looked like a pinata he was getting hit so often. If this is a portend of the season, I'M WORRIED


He looked like complete garbage. One pick, but it really should have been three. He really better get it together... we gave up to much for him to come here and suck.

Kyle responds: It didn't count. Let's hold off on the Chicken Little routine.

Hope you windy city fans are still in love with Baby-J. Both our quaterbacks may throw to the wrong colored jearseys, but at least Kyle plays well in the 4th quarter and owns his own errors. there is a reason Baby-J has never played on a winning team, at least not since high school

I'm starting to wonder if we (the Broncos) got the better deal. Orton threw 3 interceptions, but he moved the ball really well, too. Our defense can take it if he can make a couple touchdowns next time. I'm more hopeful after yesterday's game than before. Adios Jay--you can have him!

overall an overall grade of C- for the bears tonight.. its only pre-season but i did feel a bit of acid reflux brewing.. they look a bit soft and out of sync.. basanez gotta go.. they should go out and sign a veteran..

Enjoy Cutler's Bonehead plays hahaha! He's horrible :) What a loser! Cant even own his mistakes like a man! We'll use those draft pick to move up and snag a Good QB in next years draft! Colt McOy to Denver!!
Bronco Nation!

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