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Here's the scoop on Tiger's toot

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Buick Open Golf-1.jpgBy now, you've probably watched, read or heard about the "fart heard 'round the world." Everyone was quick to blame Tiger Woods for the fairway flatulence, but a few reports are leaking out (oooh) as to who really dealt it.

The Detroit Free Press reports that announcer David Feherty was behind the gas caper. The story goes that Feherty pulled a prank on Woods by using an electronic sound device.

This makes sense. It explains the artificial sound and the perfect timing. It also explains why Tiger--who will go berserk if a bird flies over during his backswing--laughed it off.

So, can Tiger wash his hands clean in this whole incident?  Not necessarily.

Another report out of the Orange County Register says Tiger, his caddie Steve Williams and Feherty used to have farting contests. (Crop-dusting the gallery, so to speak.)

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