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Does a Tiger fart in the Woods?

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In case you haven't heard (or smelled) it, Tiger Woods, or possibly his caddie Steve Williams, let one fly on the 18th fairway at the Buick Open yesterday. How do we know?  The ever-sensitive course microphones picked up the fairway flatulence as well as the snickering that followed. Also, listen to the announcer just prior to the toot, talking in golf terms about Tiger needing to release. So, the real question remains: Who dealt it? You decide.

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It has to be the person holding the mic right to the side of the fairway, as it is too loud for it to be tiger or his caddy.

It was Feherty....

The one who smelt it dealt it.

Too funny...

It's Tiger, of course, just watch him get it ready just before release. Those are classic moves to get er out.

Geez! Why make such a big deal out of this! We all have needs so stop making such a big deal! there are far more important things to worry about.

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