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Brett Favre to have 82 overall rating on Madden 10

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brett-favre-madden-10.jpgUn-retirement enthusiast Brett Favre will join Michael Vick as the marquee additions to the August 19 roster update for the Madden 10 video game.

Madden spokesman Rob Semsey said in an e-mail today that Favre will have an overall rating of 82.

Wednesday's update will add Favre to the Vikings' roster after it was announced he signed with the team today. Vick, meanwhile, will have a 73 rating -- significantly reduced from his overall Madden 08 rating of 90.

Based on EA's "If it's in the game, it's in the game" slogan, one can only assume that if you're using the Vikings in franchise mode, you can fully expect Favre to retire at the end of your first season, be trailed relentlessly by Rachel Nichols, be featured in a series of recurring B-roll footage of him tossing lob passes to Hattiesburg high schoolers only to return just as you were thinking to yourself, "Wow. He's really doing it this time."

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This is the prettiest thing a vikings fan will ever see. I was waiting for Farve to get into Madden and now the Vikings are officially unstoppable not just in Madden but the entire NFC bring on the Patriots in Miami.

Both Farve and Vick are being cheated. We all know Farve still has the ability to take the Vikings to the SuperBowl and Vick is still better than 10 starting QBs in the NFL today. If it's in the game... then stop hating.

Ima Vikings fan n Im happy 2 see Farve play but I wan see T Jack play 2

But Im pretty sure Mike Vick is better than a 73

Good point.. Madden hates on alot of players (especially Steven jacksons speed in my opinion) but I still love it

Vick deserves to be more than a 73!

madden 10 is very good,.vick should be higher than a 73 but favre's rating is about right,.but the stats in franchise are fake so it really doesnt matter whos your qb.

Favre 82 rating is right, he is old and beat up.
Vick he hasnt played in 2 years and he might not be the same player he was.
Wait and see.
I think madden needs to do a weekly rating update.
ie if a guy that is mid 80's has a career day then give him a little boost. Last year the Cardinals went to the super bowl but were only a low 80's rating at best. makes no sense.

i Don"t understand who makes these games because if two people run the same 40 time i don't see how one can have a overall speed of 82 and the other a 90 + please make me understand.

Brett Farve is the next think two apple pie. He is the only NFL player to walk in a room a sell 3200 season tickets. Let see how many packers are sold?? Can't wait until Oct 5 2009

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