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A Brett Favre goat in the trunk? Welcome to Minnesota

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Let's keep the Brett Favre/goat imagery to the field and out of the trunk.

You're a good Minnesota Vikings fan, ready to do whatever you can to make a statement about Brett Favre hitting town as your team's new starting quarterback. You have lots of options:
1) Buy a jersey;
2) Get a Vikings inflatable chair for the bar in your wood-paneled basement;
3) Buy some Wrangley jeans and grow a nasty beard
4) Paint a goat purple and gold, carve a "4" into it and keep it in your car trunk on the way to slaughter it later.
OK, what do you choose?
If you're at least one Winona, MN., resident, the goat wins it. At least that's what the Winona Daily News reports, offering these unusual details - though no name on the woman:

A woman on her way to St. Paul really got the goat of auto repairman James Prusci. She went to Tires Plus in Winona Friday, wanting a belt replaced on her Chevy Malibu. While he was doing paperwork, she said she had a goat in her trunk. "A what?" he asked. She told him she planned to butcher it.

It was painted Minnesota Viking colors _ purple and gold _ with Brett Favre's No. 4 shaved on its side. Favre made his Vikings debut Friday in a preseason game.

Prusci called animal control, which took the goat to a local vet. He was renamed Brett and placed in foster care.

Why the goat? Some sort of sacrifice? Just dinner? Maybe she found out Purple People Eaters was just a nickname and went with the next best option. Who knows? It just kinda fits in with the Favre Theater that has been the 2009 NFL pre-season, though.

And it's an image Bears fans are praying to see this season: Favre the goat.

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Brett Favre was a goat, NFC Championship, Two thousand and eight. -

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