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2-year sentence for Plaxico Burress proves justice for NFL players is unsportsmanlike and mysterious

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The only thing Plaxico Burress will be receiving for a while is three squares a day and a state-sponsored exercise program in the prison yard.

First, recently reinstated quarterback Mike Vick gets 19 months for dog fighting.

Then former Cleveland Brown Donte Stallworth gets 29 days in slam for DUI-fueled vehicular manslaughter.

Now former New York Giants star receiver Plaxico Burress gets 2 years for shooting himself in a nightclubs?

Jane, stop this crazy wheel of sentencing, I want to get off.

Burress pleaded guilty to a weapons charge and agreed to a two-year prison term for accidentally shooting himself at a Manhattan nightclub Thursday morning, ending a saga that's gone on nearly as long as he'll be in prison.

He pleaded guilty Thursday morning to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a lesser charge than he initially faced. Under a plea agreement, he agreed to a two-year prison sentence and two years of supervised release.

Burress was indicted earlier this month on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of reckless endangerment. He faced a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years if convicted at a trial.

I understand New York gun laws and the fact that while he was the only victim, this could have been much more serious. And to be sure, the NFL has to do something about the guns and guts attitude its players are taking off the field.

Commissioner Roger Gooddell certainly has cracked down in his time in office, but clearly there's more work to do on issues of character and less time to be spent on worrying about end-zone celebrations and uniform violations.

But it's still a mystery how Burress will get more time that Stallworth. Different courts, states and laws aside, Burress should not be getting the same sentence for dogfighting and conspiracy that Vick got while Stallworth is free on parole.

Burress' sentencing is set for Sept. 22.

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Can you be any dumber than this guy? He turns down a 3 month sentence and winds up with 2 years, good choice moron! He should be in prison for being criminally stupid! His wife is a lawyer too, she was a big help during this mess but don't worry Plaxico, she won't be out catting around while your in a cage. hahahaha!

Totally disagree with the punishment for the "crime". I guy shoots himself in the leg, and gets 2 years in prison???? Duante Stallworth kills a guy, while driving drunk, and gets 30 days?????

I also disagreed with the Vick sentence...too harsh.


i don't think this man should have got to 2.5 years for shooting himself.

I can prove Plaxico Burress is innocent and the prosecuter lied to the Grand Jury.

I called his attorney; he refused to speak to me and so did the other attorney.

Plaxico Burress is a victim of a corrupt system, malpractice of his defense attorney who was paid just to let him plea guilty for a crime which he was innocent.


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