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You won't believe what Brian Urlacher probably didn't call Jay Cutler

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OMG! So, Bobby told Paul who told Mike that Brian totally called Jay a "P***Y!"

Can you belieeeeeeeve it? Just take a listen for yourself (Graphic Language)

You'd think with ProFootballTalk's heralded move under the NBC peacock's plumage that they would up the ante in providing smart, in-depth coverage of the NFL.


Just in time to take Brett Favre's place as the main football story in Minnesota, Vikings receiver and former Bear Bobby Wade told Paul Allen of KFAN that "during an offseason trip to Vegas with Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher, Urlacher expressed a not-so-flattering opinion of new Bears quarterback Jay Cutler," according to Mike Florio of

Here's what's going to happen:

Reporters are going to run to Brian Urlacher and ask him if he, indeed, called Jay Cutler a "p***y." Urlacher's going to deny it (which, by the way, he did). They'll ask him, even though he claims he didn't say it, whether he thinks Jay Cutler is a "p***y." Urlacher will then say something along the lines of, "This is why I hate talking to reporters."

Then reporters are going to run to Jay Cutler and ask him his reaction to the thing that Brian Urlacher said he didn't say in the first place. If he's smart, he'll Rosenhaus it.

Then everyone's going to know to meet in the parking lot of Halas Hall at 4:00 because Jay and Brian are gonna fight. Everyone will show up, but someone's mom will catch wind of it and drive up in her station wagon to drag her son away by the hair (so ... Cutler's mom, right?). Everyone will scatter and go on to speculate who would've won if they'd fought in the first place (Urlacher ... right?).

So instead of Jay and Brian fighting, they'll unite and both beat up Bobby -- that is, if my recollection of Middle School serves me correctly.

And now, Tommie Harris is stepping into the mix via Twitter to issue a denial on Urlacher's behalf:

tommie-harris-twitter-urlacher.jpgSimilarly, Chad OchoCinco has jumped on the ProFootBallTalk train with this somewhat NSFW tweet.

No matter what was or wasn't said, this promises to be a strong contender for Most Ridiculous Preseason Story Line for the Bears as they're two days from camp.

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Cutler is a great QB, but this offseason has proved he is extremely sensitive. Hopefully his feelings wont get too hurt in this matter.

This is a joke and Bobby Wade is a joke. He can't be with the best team in the NFC north so he's going to screw with them. Sweet. What good sportsmanship. "Uh, I don't mean to get Brian in trouble, but..." C'mon!

It is a valid story.. We are dealing with a QB who has a history of controversy. To discredit this as BS is unjust.

Paul Allen sucks and so does Bobby Wade. It must be tough cheering/playing for a title-less franchise who is best known for choking late in the season.

The Vikings locker room is in such disarray from this whole Brett Favre fiasco that they are resulting to spreading rumors to split the Bears locker room.

Wade's a joke. Remember what happened when Wade said the Bears would choke against the Packers last season? This guy doesnt know when to shut his mouth.

To Brian, Until the season plays out, the Vikings are technically the best team in the NFC North as per their Division Championship in 2008.
To Lance Briggs: title or no, Vikings have the best combined historic record of all teams in the NFC North since their inception.

BTW, if Wade is a joke, why did he have better 2008 numbers than any of the Bears receivers? Nevermind pre-2008 comparing to the current Bears WR corp; that's just ugly.

Cutler is a crybaby and that is why he left Denver. He is starting to show his true colors and Urlacher called him out on it. Maybe he will toughen up, but my friends in Denver say watch out for crocodile size tears from JC.

This is the most publicity Bobby Wade will ever get. Grats on being a trash player, playing in a trash town.

Hey Minnesota, I hear L.A. is looking for a new team. I'd love to see you lose another franchise to them. :D

Thanks to Twitter, we can all see how illiterate and grammar deficient all athletes are. I can't even understand the majority of them.

ok this is the stupidest thing i ever heard... Jay and Brian going to Fight! They are not going to fight! The media doesnt have anything better to say so they take take the brian and jay think and make it seem like its a big huge story... Seriously people grow up!!!!

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