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The now infamous Milton Bradley trade rumor

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The Detroit Tigers are interested in Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley. That was the hot rumor circulating the Wrigley Field press box and the world of internet bloggers on Saturday.

But it's all untrue, the Cubs said.
The rumor itself apparently started on the restricted Twitter page of White Sox broadcaster Steve Stone (BaseballStone). It then gained momentum when David Kaplan of WGN-AM reported on his blog that sources informed him that the Tigers ''have scouted Bradley and are interested depending on how much of his contract the Cubs are willing to eat.''

Hysteria in the online blog world ensued to the point where some believed -- or hoped -- that a deal was imminent.

But none of it is true, a Cubs official said as the media cornered Bradley after the Cubs defeated the Cincinnati Reds 5-3 on Saturday. Even Kaplan -- after defending his blog entry from criticism from other media members -- backed away from the rumor.

Bradley, though, wasn't too concerned with it at all.

''I don't pay attention to rumors,''
he said. "I'm always rumored. I'm one of those guys that's multi-talented [and] can do a lot of things. I'm not surprised. It's just a rumor.''

Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee said trade rumors are "just part of the business.''

''With the trade deadline coming, names are going to be thrown out,'' Lee said. "I think people kind of look at contracts and what kind of makes sense for teams and just throw it out there. When most of the time, there's one, two, maybe three deals that actually get done.''

So why did the rumor take off so fast? Were fans just excited that a team was willing to take Bradley, no doubt the most scrutinized player on the Cubs roster, away?

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Well, duh. Bradley, despite his nice OBP, has shown that he's not the middle of the lineup hitter the Cubs were looking for when they signed him. He's struggled immensely and when confronted with the pressure of a large market media, folded and behaved like an infant. He's a (I hate to use this cliched term) clubhouse cancer. If the Tigers were willing to throw any quality players into a deal, I'd be all in favor of the Cubs eating his contract and letting him do whatever he wants in Detroit.

I know you Cubs fans have been on Milton Bradley as we have been on Magglio Ordonez. For weeks (since the Cubs played in Detroit a few weeks back), I have said the Tigers should trade Ordonez for Bradley. I think the move would help both clubs and both players. Bradley hits pretty well in Comerica Park and Ordonez could see his power numbers increase. They both need a spark. Going back to Chicago might do that for Magglio and trying not to play up to his new big contract he signed with the Cubs could spark Milton, especially as a lead off hitter in Detroit. Both players' contracts match up with Ordonez owed a little more money the next two years. Too bad the Bradley trade was a rumor, because this Tiger fan would like to see Bradley in our line-up. We can only hope this trade goes through before the deadline.

Done deal Tigers Fan. Now convince Lou for us.

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