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Terrell Owens dating model Jessica White

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jessica-white-terrell-owens.JPGReality television star and occasional Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens has a new love interest.

Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Jessica White, who hails from Buffalo, has been spotted with T.O. in Los Angeles and upstate New York, according to a report in New York Post's Page 6.

A "spy" told the newspaper, "She's in the trailer for his new VH1 show, and they're always out together."

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Wow, what a hottie! T.O. is really outkicking his coverage with this one.

You can't really see the real her with that many makeup on. Need more pics?

Both of them need to get it together bc they both are running through hollywood like the ppl are going somewhere.he had to settle for the bills booooooo! I know jessica attitude personally since she was a little girl this is why her mom put he into facebook model and talent search. For discipline nothing changed she still got attitude I guess u need it on the run way but in relationships it not good ask ferrell j holiday john legend and many more she dated .. and him with his attitude no nfl team wants his so I can see a rihanna and chris brown assault with them trasnpiring

she is so full of herself. did u see her on the show? damn get over urself.

i saw jess in NY with no makeup, jeans and a t-shirt and she was strikingly beautiful. if i were a boy...she would definitely be my type. T.O. finally found a classy with a career and goals that don't include him taking care of her. I aint saying they were gold diggers but they didn't have any JOBS! Jess and T.O. make a cute couple, hope he can keep it together.

First, off the Bills at least went to the super bowl more than once. They may have lost but how many teams can say they went more than once?

I'm so glad Jessica White is dating T.O. because she is HOT and he is HOT. As for her mother putting her face on facebook, that's a lie she's been a super model many years before facebook came out. STOP HATIN. Plus, I heard she is a very nice person and she gives a lot of her time with abuse women and children because she experience sexual abuse herself.

I think women who know how to compliment another women are confident with themselves. Women who are trying to say the negative are jealous and have low self esteem.

Anyone, can see the T.O. and Jessica White are a super hot couple. Now, if they have the rest that goes along with the looks such as a good relationship than it can work. Plus, I think they are a lot a like.


I have seen her also where she is a little stuck on herself, but it appears she has a right to be...look at how Hot she is! Remember being Rich and incredible sexy has it curse, attempting to find the right person has to be very difficult.
I was lucky enough to fine my soul mate while moderately poor, but still waiting for the get rich part, lol...

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