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Sources: Donte' Stallworth had marijuana in his blood at time of fatal crash

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Donte' Stallworth, who is currently serving his 30-day sentence for DUI manslaughter, apparently also tested positive for marijuana use after the crash that killed Mario Reyes in March 14.

The wide receiver's blood-alcohol level was .126, well above the legal limit.

Stallworth's test results, which have yet to be released, showed traces of marijuana, according to sources with knowledge of the results.

In 2007, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Stallworth was in the NFL's substance abuse program for an unspecified reason.

Donte' Stallworth had marijuana in blood, sources say    (Miami Herald)

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So what?! Trace amounts of cannabis can be detected up to TWO MONTHS after intake.

The alcohol in his system was FAR more likely to have been detrimental to his driving.

While I strongly feel people should not have ANY intoxicants in their systems while driving, the available tests for cannabis are insufficient to prove usage in the last 12 hours, only for the last 60 DAYS.

It's time to stop the vilification, demonization and incarceration of cannabis afficianados.

Being drunk is FAR worse than being high behind the wheel.

A blood alcohol of .126 is clearly a great danger. It's apalling that the headline makes reference to the cannabis (which may or may not impair driving ability, depending largely on the length of time since consumption) and yet makes no reference to the alcohol. I wonder how many alcohol advertisements the Sun Times carried on the day of this headline?

Kyle responds: Check the 4 or 5 previous posts about this that talk about alcohol. It's laughable that people interpret this is an attack on marijuana. It's just one more in a series of factors that should have resulted in more than a 30-day sentence for someone who senselessly ended another human being's life.

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