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Ricky Williams massages the media

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I had a great uncle who was the editor of Pageant Magazine in the 1950s. I didn't know him; he died long before I was born. But I understand he was quite the proponent of participatory journalism.

It can be inferred, then, that my great uncle would have been a fan of a recent column by David Hyde of the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Rather than simply write an article stating that Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is working toward becoming a licensed masseur (and eventually wants to attend medical school), Mr. Hyde jumps on the table and lets Williams give him a massage.

It's not as weird as it sounds.

The article itself is actually an interesting read about one of the most fascinating athletes in professional sports today, and what he's doing to prepare himself for life after football. Unfortunately, Mr. Hyde reminds us why those of us who ended up in the print journalism profession should avoid being in front of the camera at all costs:

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