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Photos: Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi together

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in the wake of this weekend's tragic news about the death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, it seems there have been more questions than answers about the horrific event. As details came in, the story gets more and more bizarre, but certainly not any less sad.

Nashville police are now saying that McNair had been dating Sahel Kazemi, the woman who was found dead next to him, for a couple of months despite the fact that he is married. Authorities have ruled McNair's death as a homicide, but are not ruling on Kazemi's death as of yet.

TMZ posted photos of the couple parasailing they claim are from about three months ago.

steve-mcnair-sahel-kasemi.jpgThe Tennessean has wall-to-wall coverage on this developing story, one that seems to get more and more confusing by the moment. Police say it may be several days before they definitively determine exactly what happened.

In the meantime, we're left with impassioned statements from Kazemi's family that she was incapable of hurting anyone and a somewhat chilling quote that the 20-year-olds greatest aspiration was to be famous -- something she certainly is now.

Complete McNair coverage     (Tennessean)

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This chick was iranian thus a terrorist

Crazy man Crazy

Well they say what you do in hte dark with ultimately reveal itself in the light. If he wouldnt have been cheating on his wife he would still be alive today!!! I don't feel bad about his death, but about the humiliation he has put his wife through. She has to have mixed emotions about the whole thing. How could he! He was selfish, I guess like most men and now he's.......

I am very sorry for Tim Bierman statement (This chick was iranian thus a terrorist). It seem that he is out of world.
He can not see that Iranian people are killed in streets for freedom.

a fitting end to an adulterer

How can people be this way saying things like that he wasn't perfect so he should die are all of you perfect a man who did great things for his community and children with his football camps which my son went to and meet him and that was all he talked about sense how great he was but what sickens me most of all about these thoughtless mindless comments is his children did they get what they deserve to could you tell them that they are better off without there dad it is sadistic people like like you that make this world as bad as it is.

I just hope they found God's forgiveness...

I'm pretty sure all of you who are throwing rocks and bashing Steve are living in Glass Houses yourselves. I don't condone what he was doing, but NOBODY is perfect. I just pray for his family and children for they are the one's that are truly suffering. Just because he cheated on his wife does not make him a bad person or less of a man. Sweep around your own front door for those of you who want to talk bad about him!!!!! JOE BLO I bet you living in a glass house!!!!!!! Talking about a fittin in to an adulterer!!!!

My Fraternity BROTHER will be missed by his FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!

The man ws having an affair on his wife. That doesn't me he deserved to die for it! I don't agree with or condone that kind of behavior, but for those who have made comments that say it was a fitting end or he deserved it are just idiots!

i'm not saing McNair deserved to die for cheating on his wife.

but I am saying that this sort of thing happens to piece of sh*t men who cheat on their wives with crazy and unattractive women.

its not OK to cheat on your spouse. furthermore, where the heck was he for his CHILDREN if he had all this time to be at another apartment, driving around and going out with her, taking her on vacation, partying it up??

How about keeping it in your pants, respecting yourself, your wife and your children and being a decent man?

what sort of a FATHER is out with his mistress or spending ANY time with a mistress when he could be with his children? What sort of a man and father is out spending money on his mistress when he could spend it on his children or a worthwhile cause? An iranian slut is not a worthwhile cause.

what he did to his wife was wrong!! very very very very very wrong. he was not a good person and i am personally already sick of hearing all the "good things" about him. ok, wow, so he was a good athlete. ok, so he did nice things for his community...well you know what?? none of those things mean SH*T when you cant even be a faithful and loving husband and father. he may as well have never done a single nice thing for anyone because he has proven himself to be a morally bankrupt person. He shouldve been treating his family (you know, wife and FOUR KIDS) the BEST and instead he treated them like they were nothing. He was 100% undeserving of any love and respect ever shown to him by his wife and children by betraying them, abandoning them and ruining what they had. PATHETIC.

He doesnt deserve to be respected or glorified in the news for one second. He doesnt deserve for children, or adults, to look up to him.

In the end, he is a very sad person who screwed over his family in life, and because of his choices has now screwed them over again by his death.

His wife deserved better, but I am sure she was blindsided not only by his CHEATING but his death and now his 4 boys are left with no father. I mean how selfish does someone get??? What sick pleasure could someone get knowing they are doing this to the people they say (but obviously dont mean) they love?

He better hope that hell doesnt exist, because he's going to be front and center burning for eternity if it does.

Congratulations, McNair. You win the "Scumbag Husband and Father" award.

Whatever must your family think of you- mom, dad, siblings? And way to go, leaving your wife and kids forever having to think about what you were doing and how your selfishness and egocentric behavior took you away from them forever.

Arent you proud???

he was a stupid high rollin selfish pig

he left is wife a widow and his kids bastards

he had a solution to this...its called a divorce

i hope he took the gut shots prior to the head shots...just maybe he felt just a little of the pain his family will have to deal with for years.

I am saddened by the event, my prayer of solace goes out to the families of both the deceased. As a member of the human family it is always to judge some that to be (the) someone. Our greatest failure is love and temptation. Have all us won the battle. Only our creator has and can. My sincere condolences to all the families, friends and well wishers who are hurting by the event, may you be comforted with peace. God bless!

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