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Pat Tomasulo has had it with cab drivers honking at him/us

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A little while back, WGN sports anchor Pat Tomasulo was the subject of much Internet vitriol after his thunderous dunk on a toddler. Well, either the thunderous dunk or the subsequent trash talk that sent the youngster running back to his mother for comfort.

Amidst that firestorm, only one Chicago-based sports and pop culture blog run by two guys whose names start with "K" had the courage to stand up and come to Tomasulo's defense. He must have noticed, because this morning we got an e-mail from him tipping us of to this little gem that won't anger any rugrats, but may spark some trouble for cabbies.

Tomasulo. So edgy right now.

As someone who shares this pet peeve, I couldn't help but enjoy it. I think we're all at the point where we understand that you just raise your hand if you need to hail a cab. So why then all the honking?


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P. Tomasulo & Sports Pros(e)!!! What a dreamy match!!

P. Tomasulo is soooo cute and hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda S.

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