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Ozzie Guillen really wants the 2003 steroid list made public

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Ozzie Guillen was asked to share his thoughts on yesterday's David Ortiz steroid revelation. It was classic Ozzie before the series opener against the Yankees as he launched into a rant about the infamous 2003 list:

"Can somebody in baseball, please, we're all begging people, get that stupid list out and move on. This is ridiculous. This is embarrassing. This is a joke. Whoever is there is there; get them out and that's it. We're going to continue being alive, we're going to continue playing the game. But sitting here every freaking day, every manager, every player, responding to the same question, it's getting tired. It's old. Come on. If you're going to divorce me, divorce me right away. Don't say you're going to leave me. I'm serious. If you're going to talk every night, 'I'm going to divorce you,' no, get out of my house. Every week we've got to come up with this thing."

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Yes please release it---only one might have to speak spanish to read all the names on it. I suspect an absolute disproportionate number of Latin players on it. I also suspect the DR is nothing but a Baseball factory Country that enslaves kids from 8 years old onward to do nothing but work at baseball. There should be an investigation at the Federal level on how MLB circumvents Child Labor laws to allow this to happen. We already know of White Sox Scouts being investigated by the FBI for the theft they pulled on DR families whose kids came from those factories and signed contracts. Kenny Williams how can your own hands be clean in this matter? You and Jerry pay those guys dont you?

Best kept secret next to the List of 100. Selig should be up on charges along with Donald Fehr for what they allowed to happen to Americas Past time. No wonder Fehr ran out and is in hiding...Selig, step down, the only legacy you have left is of cheating.

Careful what you wish for Guillen...I'm sure you have lots of homies on the list yourself and you know more than anyone else what goes on in the DR, whose National Sport is C0ock Fighting. And who also had made Sammy Sosa their "ambassador of bringing new business and Industry to the DR"

Bring this game back to Americans...particularly minority Black Americans who are not equally represented in this Game in our own Country.

DR players hate us and our Country and the game---they only want to make money to get back to Coock Fighting. Ask Aramis and Alfonso about it, they said the words.

u are such of haterr u just madddd we better den yOuuuuuuu ... haha

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