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Did Barack Obama wear mom jeans to All-Star game

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barack-obama-mom-jeans.JPGFirst he was lambasted for calling the former stadium on the South Side "ComiNsky Field."

Then he was warned by Albert Pujols that he'd better not bounce the first pitch.

And now the talk about President Barack Obama's All-Star game appearance has turned to his unfortunate choice in the cut of his ... jeans.

Some are calling them dad jeans, some are calling them mom jeans. Either way, at least we're not being forced to consume real news here.

What's that, you say? CNN has deemed it real news?  Roll tape: 

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Why do you think baseball players wear jersey pants? They need to have flexibility. Any middle-ager that's tried to play baseball in tight jeans knows not to do so again!

Most of the crap CNN spews isn't real news anyway. Who gives a rat's ass what he was wearing. Robert Verdi might be a big fan, but he's also a silly queen. Stupid. Just plain frikkin' stupid. I'm sure Faux News did at least 45 minutes on it.

How the hell are jeans that clearly basic stonewashed Levis's... mom jeans?? Slow news day at CNN. jebus.If the had put on a $300 pair of jeans people would have bitched he's a hipster snob.

wow. the us presendident is so lovely . he like sports as well?? look at his outfit above, how cool if I could make Obama like to wear shoes from my store !

WOW! thats amazing!

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