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Laura Posada to take centerstage on 'True Hollywood Story: Baseball Wives'

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laura-posada.jpgIf you've ever been watching Yankees catcher Jorge Posada or Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels and wondered what their home lives are all about, E! television will satisfy your needs tonight in the form of "True Hollywood Stroy: Baseball Wives."

The New York Daily News has an interview with Posada's better half, Laura, who is a law-school graduate and up-and-coming author.

"People think that just because you're married to a baseball player, that you're dumb, that you're a gold digger, that you're an ex-stripper," says Laura. "That's not the way it is. I still haven't met that one girl. Most of the girls that I know, that are baseball wives, are super sweet girls. They're successful in their own right. I really hope that after people see this show, they realize that there's a lot more than just what people think baseball wives are."
I'm not 100 percent sure that everyone had that preconceived notion, but apparently this show is here to dispel this school of thought.

The show airs tonight at 10 p.m. E.T.

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one of the wives compared being married to a baseball player like being a military wife. is she joking? her husband is not in iraq risking his life for our freedom, nor is he getting paid somewhere around minimum wage. how horrible it must be for her to be able to fly and see her husband, to know that he isn't getting shot at and that her bills will be paid because he is making millions.

Laura Posada will be a guest on "That Morning Show" ( this WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, to discuss her relationship with Yankees catcher Jorge Posada.

Catch Salling's interview on "That Morning Show" from 6AM - 9AM on E! Entertainment network!

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