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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush reportedly split

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reggie-bush-kim-kardashian.jpgNew Orleans Saints running back and reality television queen Kim Kardashian are no longer a couple, according to a report from US Magazine.

The split was reportedly mutual.

"Nobody cheated," a source close to the couple says. "This is just a case of conflicting schedules and their lives going in different directions.

The ridiculously good-looking celebrity couple began dating in April 2007 and earlier this year appeared in a GQ photo spread that generated a good deal of page views for us. Thanks for that, guys.

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Obviously Reggie Bush has more sense than I gave him credit for. Marrying Kim would have resulted in a divorce as quickly as the marriage itself took place. Kim is CLEARLY not marriage material for ANY SANE person! OsiSpeaks[dot]com

That's so sad,I really like both of them.I thought they were going too get married and have a family.I hope they can remain friends.

That's sad!I would like to meet reggie he is my favorite rb i been watching him since he started playing i watch every game i got his jersey.It's ok reggie keep yo head up cause i'm on your side all the way.

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