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Jorge Posada makes outstanding catch - no glove needed

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While hanging out in a relaxed, post-work setting with iconic Sports Pros(e) co-founder Kyle Koster Friday night, taking in the Angels-Yankees tilt, we were treated to one of the finest plays either of us has ever seen a catcher make.

With 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th, Chone Figgins sends a popup behind the plate that Jorge Posada slides over to make a play on. But Figgins has an inexplicable bout of -off-balance clumsiness and tumbles into Posada as he tried to make the play, knocking the catcher's mitt off in the process.

No problem for the Yankees backstop, who simply sheds the glove in time to make a catch with his bare hands - well, one with a batting glove. But nonetheless, a great bit of concentration on Posada's part, though a bit hard to explain why he argues interference - it was - despite the fact it was the third out of the inning.

Anyway, you won't get Yankees props here often, so live it up.

Oh, and for an always-animated Rex Hudler version of the call, click here.

"There was no call by the umpire -- that's what bugged me the most," Posada said. "He didn't make a call at all. As soon as [Figgins] makes contact with me, it's obstruction. The ball is right on top of me."

Maybe Derek Jeter should get rid of his glove, too. (

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