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Is it possible that Stephen Strasburg could end up playing in Japan?

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stephen-strasburg-scott-boras.jpgAgent to the stars Scott Boras is at it again.

The high-profile representative who has a long history of creative maneuvering when it comes to the MLB draft, is floating the possibility that wunderkind and top overall pick Stephen Strasburg could play professionally in Japan if he's not paid in line with what Boras thinks he's worth.

His asking price is believed to be around $50 million -- as opposed to within the parameters of the current system, in which no player has ever received more than $10.5 million.

Even before talks began with the Washington Nationals, who made Strasburg the first overall pick June 9, Boras was dropping hints privately that he is preparing to explore a new frontier in his ongoing draft-busting crusade: Japan.

Such a ploy, were Boras to go in that direction, could involve a variety of issues, from the complex relationship between Major League Baseball and Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball, the residency requirements of both countries and, of course, the Major League Rules.

The Washington Post article examines some of the gray areas of the rule book that are being tested by Boras and Major League Baseball's reaction to it. Definitly a worthwhile read if you're interested in baseball and law and money and international intrigue -- which I think deep down, we all are.

Boras May Explore Japan for Strasburg     (Washington Post)

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I doubt Strasburg would actually follow through with this. The kid wants to play ball in the majors, and there just seems like a lot of risk, both legally and with regard to performance, to make it worth it.

i'll pay $50 million if bore ass goes with him! I'm ready to forget Strasburg like all the other can't miss morons.

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