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Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin uses homophobic slur about Notre Dame

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Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin would like a do-over. Or us to not print him verbatim.

He has a good reason for both these wishes.

McMackin, speaking at the Western Athletic Conference's annual football media preview on Thursday morning, said the teams gathered the night before the game for a banquet when Irish coach Charlie Weis introduced the players and a ritual they do.

"I know most of the coaches in the country are rooting for us to beat Notre Dame," McMackin said. "Charlie gives this talk, 'We do something special at Notre Dame,' and (the players) get up and they do this little cheer ... this little faggot dance."

Perhaps realizing the consequences of broadcasting that slur in front of rolling tape recorders and WAC commissioner Karl Benson, McMackin asked that reporters not report on his comments.

"Don't write that 'faggot' down. I was misquoted," he said. "Just please ... cover for me," McMackin said. "Go ahead, say 'faggot dance.' No. Please cover for me on that, too -- right Karl? I'll deny it. Anything else?"
For his part, the second-year coach seemed overtly contrite, apologizing profusely.

"I know there are a couple of you that know me. I'm a very competitive person. I think I told you guys that was my worst loss in my 40-year career at Notre Dame. It ticks me off that I said that because Notre Dame played a great ballgame.

What I was trying to do was be funny, and it wasn't funny, and it's not funny. Even more, it isn't funny to me. I was trying to make a joke and it was a bad choice of words. And I really, really feel bad about it.

"I'm going to apologize to my team. I'm going to apologize to the people in Hawaii. ... I hope some of you guys know me well enough to know what I'm saying. All I can do is apologize. I feel bad that I used those words. It was really stupid."

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Who cares...

Gays need to toughen up.

I'm tried of people bending over (no pun) for the gays.

Jezzz you're gay you're special in your world, but in the real world you're just gay.

Get over yourself.

its high time idiotic relics from the dark ages were removed from palces of power and in the media - would he go on TV and call someone a nigger?

No - i guess not

No difference - No room for this homophobia - nor racism in sport.

I could care less about the homosexual remarks as it is an abomination. As for the Irish that is just the talk of an angry child that got a pounding by a better team.

Unlike President Obama, the coach recognized his poor choice of words and apologized. We all know he was dissing on the opponent - that's what guys do in sports. But he made a mistake and used an expression that's not PC. It's no big deal. Let it go. Obama, however, still hasn't apologized for his "stupid" remark.

Wow, how disappointing, and yet not surprising. No not the coaches comments, those are more disgusting and again not surprising. But you 3, I guess you are just sad old fat men, who deep down are frightened by the idea that Gays are people as well. I feel bad for you.

Yeah they do a faggot dance!!!!...So why the "fear"...

He said Faggot. big deal, get over it, these kids are in college theyre gonna hear and say things a lot worse than 'faggot'. I would be more worried if this guy was a Middle or High School coach...

He apologized.


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