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ESPN plans Steve Bartman documentary

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steve-bartman-espn-documentary.jpgHe just won't go away, no matter how much Cubs fans want him to.

Steve Bartman and his active hands will be the subject of an hour-long documentary on ESPN. The film will be directed by Alex Gibney, who drew rave reviews for his documentary on Enron.

The project will attempt to answer the question: Can Bartman ever forgive Chicago? Prepare to be made to feel bad about yourself.

The project does not yet have a title.

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I shouldn't feel bad. I didn't blame him. It wasn't his fault. It is Alou's fault for throwing a hissy fit. It is Gonzo's fault for booting a DP ball. It is Dusty's fault for leaving Prior in for 250 pitches.

It is Fox and ESPN's fault for mentioning it every time the Cubs play a nationally televised game.

And it is ESPN's fault for dredging this up 6 years later.


And prepare to the sequel - does Chicago give a crap if Bartman forgives them or not?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - The only difference between me and Bartman is I would've caught the damn ball.

The only people that should feel bad are the 2% of cubs fans that blamed him when it clearly wasn't his fault. It's those same idiots who don't understand that it's just a game. I am a hardcore cubs fan, i watch every game and keep up on every roster move but you cross the line when you harass someone and ruin their personal life because they may or may not have hurt your teams chance to win. grow the hell up and get over it!

Well said Aaron!!!

Aaron is right on, but he forgot to mention one other culprit: the Chicago Sun-Times, for "outing" the poor fan's identity in the first place.

Hope that "great moment in journalism"/"scoop" was worth ruining the man's life, Sun-Times.

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