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Erin Andrews makes call to 911: Audio

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erin-andrews-wrigley-field.JPGThe Erin Andrews saga continues today as a 911 call made by the ESPN broadcaster from her Georgia home has surfaced. Andrews, who was illegally videotaped while naked in her hotel room, called to complain about "paparazzi" loitering outside her home.

Listen to Andrews' 911 call
Warning: Contains adult language obtained the tape of the 911 call and published it on the site Wednesday night.

In it, Andrews tells the dispatcher that two men were knocking on her door and looking inside her windows. The dispatcher tells Andrews she is unfamiliar with the news surrounding her.

Andrews explains to the dispatcher, "I'm the girl that was videotaped without her knowing, without her clothes on in the hotel."

Cops arrived to find members of the news media waiting outside for an interview with Andrews, who has not spoken publicly since the story blew up on the Web.

A transcript of the call is after the jump:
Dispatcher: DeKalb 911. What's the address of your emergency?

Andrews: Um, I was in the news recently about being in a hotel naked, and I have paparazzi outside my window, and I was told by law enforcement that if I did to call 911.

Dispatcher: Do you want to meet with an officer?

Dispatcher: Do you want to meet with an officer, ma'am, when they come out?

Andrews: Yeah, these guys are sitting in a car outside my house right now. I would like to tell the officer to have them leave because the cops have told me to call 911 if they're outside my house.

Dispatcher: And what's your name?

Andrews: My name is Erin. My last name is Andrews. I'm all over the news right now.

Dispatcher: I'm not familiar.

Andrews: I'm the girl that was videotaped without her knowing, without her clothes on in the hotel.

Dispatcher: Really?

Andrews: And I've got two a------- sitting outside my house.

Dispatcher: I'm so sorry.

Andrews: I am, too. Thank you.

Dispatcher: We'll send someone out. What kind of vehicle are they in?

Andrews: They're in a RAV, a white RAV4. I'm in a gated community, and I don't know how they got in. Mom, can you see their license plates? It's a handicap license plate they have. What's the license plate number?

Dispatcher: What's the tag number?

Andrews: We're trying to see. Do you see it, Mom? OK, I'm gonna try and go to another room and see if I can read it. I can't believe these jerks are knocking on my door. F------ a--------. Mom, you're totally being obvious.

Dispatcher: Are they black, white or Hispanic?

Andrews: What?

Dispatcher: Are they black, white or Hispanic?

Andrews: They're both white males. I think it's -- they know I'm here, 'cause I have a car out front. So they know I'm inside. I have private security that I'm working with, but they're not with me currently, and they said call 911. OK, here's the license plate. It's a handicap license plate for Georgia.

Andrews: They're looking at me through my window.

Dispatcher: Are you OK?

Andrews: Yeah, I'm just -- I did nothing wrong, and I'm being treated like f------ Britney Spears, and it sucks. I'm sorry.

Dispatcher: OK, the first available unit will see you as soon as possible.

Andrews: Thanks. Do you know how far they're out?

Dispatcher: No. They should be in -- they'll be here as soon as possible.

Andrews: OK.

Dispatcher: OK, thank you.

Andrews: Thanks.

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It's sad. This girl was a victim of a crime but because she's a bombshell, we think she has no rights to privacy. Leave this girl alone.

SB: Would you mind repeating that, but to a video camera, preferably with a blanket over your head?

Nah, Sportsbook, we don't think she has no rights to privacy because she's a bombshell. She doesn't have rights to privacy because she's a public figure. She's a celebrity. No, those guys shouldn't be in there, particularly if it's a gated community. They're trespassing, and they should be arrested.

But those reporters (or whatever they are) are well within their rights to ask her about that naked tape on the street if they want. This is one of the risks of agreeing to be a media or television personality. (And, yes, obviously, the guy who made that tape should also be arrested and probably sentenced to jail time).

Honestly, what part of Sportcaster makes you a "public figure". The only reason why she is being stalked--yes, stalked-- is because she's hot. I don't see anybody trying to get buck naked video of James Brown or Terry Bradshaw!

Don't excuse bad behavior... or illegal behavior!...

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