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Erin Andrews hit by foul ball, but gonna be OK

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Thumbnail image for erin-andrews.jpgThe New York Mets' Alex Cora almost cemented himself as the least-favorite baseball player in the males aging from 12-112 demographic when a foul ball off his bat hit ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews in the chin.

Andrews, who is responsible for most of, if not all, our site traffic was rushed to the hospital. But, before you wring your hands in nervousness and light any more candles in your Andrews-themed shrine, rest assured she is OK.

Deadspin just updated with a release from the Bristol-based sports and entertainment network:

"She's totally fine. The producers on site suggested she go to the hospital as a precaution. Doctors released her soon thereafter. She flew home as scheduled and is looking forward to working MLB All-Star events and the ESPYs in the coming week."
Let's all breathe a great, deep sigh of relief. We'd be lost without you, Erin. Totally.

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Was the pitch thrown by Bababooey??

That's the chance you take when reporting from the field. If you want to play with the Big Boys then prepare to Play!

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