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Clayton Richard reacts to his trade to the San Diego Padres

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clayton-richard-jake-peavy-trade.JPGKEVIN ALLEN

Shortly after Clayton Richard found out he was traded to the San Diego Padres for Jake Peavy, he called his family and told his dad that he had good news and bad news.

His dad asked for the bad news first.

"I said, 'Well, I got traded. So you're coming up [to Chicago from Indiana], but you're not going to see me throw,'" Richard said. 

His father then asked for the good news.

"I said, 'Well, you're bringing the truck up, right? You can help me move my stuff back home.'"
Richard, who had been scheduled to start Friday against the Yankees, will instead leave a White Sox team in the thick of a playoff hunt to join the last-place Padres in San Diego. He leaves as part of a trade that also sees the Sox give up pitching prospects Aaron Poreda, Adam Russell and Dexter Carter.

For a Midwesterner like Richard, who grew up in Lafayette, Ind. and played football and baseball at University of Michigan, the move to California comes with some trepidation.

"That's probably going to be the toughest thing is moving out of the Midwest," Richard said. "I've been in the Midwest probably the majority of my life."

Despite some struggles early this season, Richard was impressive in his last two starts for the White Sox, pitching eight innings and giving up only one earned run each against the Detroit Tigers and Tampa Bay Rays.

Richard was also the centerpiece of a deal for Peavy earlier season involving the same players. Peavy nixed that deal, but waved his no-trade clause this time around. After that experience, Richard said he mentally prepared himself throughout the season for the possibility of being traded, but stopped thinking about it more as the trade deadline drew near.

"The past week it seemed like I haven't thought about it," Richard said. "Of course, when you stop thinking about something like that, you get blindsided by it."

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said the Padres are getting someone with a "great future" in Richard.

"Those kids we traded have a chance," Guillen said. "They have a chance to be very rich because they're going to pitch in a ballpark that's a pitching ballpark. They're going to grow up together as a team. I think this trade works for both teams."

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