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A plea for the White Sox fan (sorta) involved in the Dewayne Wise play to come forward and defend himself

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dewayne-wise-white-sox-fan.jpgBy definition, Thursday was a perfect day for White Sox fans.

Some 48 hours later, you've probably fully digested the Mark Buehrle perfect game by clipping out copious amounts of newspaper articles, buying a No. 56 jersey and watching thousands of replays of the immortal Dewayne Wise catch. For our part, we in the media have peppered you with all of the angles, story lines and pageantry from that glorious afternoon. But, it seems one Washington Times writer wants to find a dark gray cloud in all of the silver linings.

Dick Heller, opining in an article titled "In Chicago, the dumb keep getting dumber," takes a White Sox fan to task for almost interfering with Wise as he made his spectacular catch. If I've learned one thing, it's that South Side supporters don't take too kindly to being compared to Cub fans.
 "Imagine this scenario - except you don't have to because TV replays and still photos captured the ignominious moment perfectly (pun intended).

The pitcher for your team has retired 24 straight batters, leaving him just three away from so-called baseball immortality. Gabe Kapler leads off the ninth inning for the Rays and blasts a pitch toward the center-field seats. Defensive replacement DeWayne Wise races back and leaps in a desperate bid to save the day.

So what does our guy do? He reaches over the railing and comes with a foot or so of making the catch, thereby nearly turning Kapler's swat into a home run.

You hear that, unnamed fan who almost ruined Buehrle's bid, but not really? You're being compared to Steve Bartman. And being called a bozo.

Before you get too worked up, let me defend you. First and foremost, you didn't touch the ball. You did nothing wrong. You weren't reaching over the fence to knock the ball away from Wise. I'm not so sure that's even possible, considering the set-up at U.S. Cellular Field. And, I'll bet you cheered and cherished the play by the timely defensive subsitute just as vigorously as your Sox fan brethren.

Let it be known that your alligator arms are being celebrated not just by Sox faithful, but millions of other baseball fans who relished in seeing a truly remarkable feat turned in.

So, it's in that spirit that I'm asking you to come forward and tell your story. The story of how you had a front-row seat for one of the greatest catches in history. This is your chance to cash in on your good fortune. With the influx of around-the-clock sports shows and talkies, surely one would take an interest.

E-mail me at

Something tells me you kept your ticket stub to prove it was you.

It should be pointed out that most writers don't have control over what headline appears on their articles. But, whomever decided to castigate an entire city of sports fans as dumb is either extremely brave or extremely stupid.

But, I'm not calling him a bozo. However, he or she is a lot closer than this Sox fan who did nothing wrong.

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i cant believe im actually finally finding something like this lol, im the guy who ur talking about, i just got motivation to look at this again and just was surfing through when i seen ur column and yes i did keep my ticket to prove it was me and its stored away and it felt unbelievable to see that play unfold right in front of my eyes sorry im so unbelievably late in finding this, but i did like ur column

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