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WGN's Pat Tomasulo dunks on a small child, makes him cry

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I have a younger brother. There's only a three-year age difference between us and we both grew up eating and breathing sports. And, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy every single second of my childhood spent dominating him in Whiffle ball, basketball and any other impromptu game we could invent to be played in the living room.

So, maybe that's why I find the following clip much more hilarious than mean-spirited. It's of WGN sports reporter Pat Tomasulo throwing down a thundering dunk against a small child and involves some crying.

Questions? Comments? Outrage? Belly laughs?

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Well Tomasulo was certainly a moron, but where were the kid's parents? Why did they agree to this, and once it happened why did they just stand around while he made it worse?

inadvertantly left my contact info off of the last comment - here it is.

That kid was a little baby and he fouled the reporter when he dunked. A flagrant foul!! The kid should have played better defense.

When an adult male uses a small child to boost his ego, there's a problem. What a prick!

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