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UFL founder Bill Hambrecht: The people have spoken and they want to see Michael Vick

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michael_vick_presser.jpgUnited Football League founder Bill Hambrecht says that Michael Vick deserves a second chance to play football and that the fans want to see him back on the field.

Calling Vick "probably the best football player in America," the chairman of the securities firm W.R. Hambrecht & Co. said fans want to watch the suspended former National Football League quarterback and that Vick could have a place in the new league, which is scheduled to begin playing in October.

"He has paid his penalty," Hambrecht, 73, said in a television interview. "What we did is we went out to our fan base and said 'what do you think?' And on our Web site, people want to see him. People believe he deserves a second chance."

Previous discussion about Vick's return to football has sparked a downright astounding amount of passionate comments, but somehow I feel like if the quarterback returned to the gridiron outside of the NFL, the level of interest in the storyline would rapidly diminish.
Obviously, the addition of Vick would be a huge victory for the newly formed league. But once the NFL and college seasons kick off, will you really carve out time for a UFL game? Are you one of the fans Hambrecht is talking about or would you rather not see Vick return to the game?

Bill Hambrecht Says Vick Deserves 'Second Chance'     (Bloomberg)

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