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Tony Dungy questions Jay Cutler's maturity level

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dungy-cutler-bears-tony.jpgNewly minted "Football Night in America" analyst Tony Dungy is wasting no time jumping into his new role, questioning whether the Bears made the right choice in trading for quarterback Jay Cutler.

During a teleconference to announce he'd be joining the NBC Sports today, the former Indianapolis Colts coach who led his team to a Super Bowl victory over the Bears in the 2006 season, was asked his thoughts about Chicago's blockbuster offseason trade.

Dungy posited that the Bears made the move largely with beating the Packers in mind.

"I really think Chicago gave up a lot to get a quarterback who they believe is going to be the final piece of the puzzle," said Dungy. "But I'm not sure he's won enough to merit that yet. It may turn out to be a great move, but the jury's out. To me, it was a risky move. But I think one that was done with the idea of beating one team."

Asked whether he thinks Cutler is the best quarterback in the NFC North, Dungy said it's too early to tell.

"We'll see about the maturity level, that's what I would question," said Dungy. "And some of the things that happened leading to him leaving Denver. That would concern me as a coach. That's my question. I think he can make all the throws. But quarterbacking is much more than making throws."

Dungy's first regular season appearance on NBC's "Football Night in America" will be Sept. 13, when the Bears take on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

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Wait....Who would you even think of saying is better than Cutler in the NFC North?

Kevin Replies: Good point ... I'd take Cutler over Sage Rosenfels, Tarvaris Jackson, Daunte Culpepper, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers or any of the other jokers roaming around the NFC North.

Obiviously no insight here. That's the package you get with national analysts: They often paint and broad brush.

Is Jay Cutler good? Yes.

Is he a little bitch? Yes.

Point is: Personality can matter but he's not at the point where he has angered coaching staff or teammates. It's silly to think otherwise based on not signing autographs or having a fallout with ownership.

If he plays well, all will be forgotten.

Easy to say for a guy who "coached" Peyton Manning...

Tell me again the "a lot" we gave up to get him...2 middle of round 1 picks and Orton???? that's what I thought

Joe, a strong argument can be made that Aaron Rodgers is better than Cutler (moreso in numbers than raw ability). Cutler was much better in the 4th quarter, but Rodgers threw 3 more touchdowns, 5 fewer interceptions and had a QB rating 8 points higher than Cutler in '08 (though Cutler threw for 500 more yards). That said, I still prefer Cutler. And Tony Dungy is apparently unaware that the Bears haven't had a franchise QB since Sid Luckman, or he was wearing his beer goggles when watching kyle Orton. Any true Bears fan/player/coach/ writer knows that trading for Cutler was an absolute no-brainer, and one of the biggest coups in the history of the organization.

Easy for someone who had peyton Manning all those years to say. Oh. And he thinks the Bears are the team trying to get a quaterback for just beating Green Bay? He must have them confused with Minnesota.

I'm with JT here. No one knows better than Tony Dungy the deficiency the Bears had at the QB slot. What "lot" did we give over to fill the position?

I understand why Dungy would reserve judgment on whether Aaron Rodgers has a breakout year in the NFC North(he may), but to say on its own terms that the Bears deal was a "risky" move doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Don't get me wrong, Jay has a lot to prove when the season starts, all eyes will be on him. But Dungy is stating the obvisious, will Cutler be able to grow from this as a player and a person. Besides, Dungy and Lovie are friends, so he can't bash him too much, but he did take a shot at Lovie...(maturity), 'That would concern me as a coach'.

I'm with JT here. No one knows better than Tony Dungy the deficiency the Bears had at the QB slot. What "lot" did we give over to fill the position? I understand why Dungy would reserve judgment on whether Aaron Rodgers has a breakout year in the NFC North(he may), but to say on its own terms that the Bears deal was a "risky" move doesn't make a lot of sense to me.


I work at Vandy and know Jay well. I love it when people question Jay. This is nothing new to Jay. Rewind to 2006. So called experts like Kiper were saying Cutler is not in the same league as Young and Leinart. Last I checked both were backups and ESPN were calling then busts. I don't ever want to go that far. Remember this keep talking all the smack you want about Jay. Just know he is a fighther and my money is on Cutler to come out on top!

Adversity always creates winners to prove the critic wrong.

Godspeed Cutler and the Bears

Every trade made regardless of sport is risky to an extent so his statement about risk is boring at best. Bottom line, the Bears needed to make this deal. After two disappointing seasons they needed to make some noise during the offseason. Getting a franchise QB (and a few other players) was just the way to do it. Expectations are sky high and I can't wait for the Sunday night opener.

huge Bears fan here, but what logic are you using to determine that Cutler is clearly better than Rodgers? They both have bad records. and Rodgers has much better stats and less experience. this better work out for the Bears

Dungy is right, time will tell, but I love JA went after a franchise QB when one was available.

Man why can't these so called experts wait until this guy has played a regular season with the Bears before they start bashing him. I would expect this from a guy like espn analyst Mark Schlereth, But not Dungy I thought he was better than that.

Where does Dungy come up with this. He goes and meets Michael Vick one time in prison and sings his praises, but a small spat in Denver (alibet a childish one)and he has concerns about Cutler?!

Sorry guys, as much as I love Cutler (My new jersey will attest to this), it's very hard to disagree with saying Rodgers is the best QB in the NFC North.

He was just fantastic last season, considerably better than Cutler.

For the realistic fan predicting, Cutler's numbers should take a slight hit going into a new Bears system with less playmakers.

Rodgers' has the exact same team offensively and should only get better or stay the same this season.

Until Cutler proves otherwise, no one can be a "homer" Bears fan about this, it makes us look ignorant. We have to accept that as of this off-season, Rodgers' looks to be better than Cutler.

I thought Lovey and Dungy were best friends. Nice friendship move there Tone. Guess with your boring personality and style, network television has you under the gun to add a "excitement" to what you say given your now their little guy.

I don't want to disparage Coach Dungy, but in this case he's wrong. Coach Dungy can coach football but his private life is a mess, talk about maturity. Every damn Bears fan is waiting for the season to begin with Cutler! The Bears made the right choice in the trade! Two number 1 Bears draft picks and whats his name? The Bears should only draft in the third round. What was the last 10 number #1's? I'll bet most of the last 20 were out of football a year after they left the Bears!

Have you ever noticed that every coach that has had a Hall of Fame QB thinks that they are a great coach. Shanahan didn't look so good when Elway left. Holmgren didn't win super bowls without Favre. Dungy?

Michael Vick is mature and ready to be a star again in the NFL, and Jay Cutler is immature because he wanted out of the train wreck that will be the McDaniels era in Denver?

I currently live in Denver, and after everything that went on for Jay to leave Denver, I have to agree with Coach Dungy. Cutler does have an issue keeping his feeling in check.

Two things will come of this, either he will galvanize the team with his emotional play and the team will rally around him.....

Or.... his emotions get the better of him, he doesn't inspire his teammates, and the team doesn't play for him

Personally, as a HUGE BEARS fan, I am hoping he can grow up, and put the situation in Denver behind him.

Incidentally - Cutler was told by Denver ownership, that while Shannahan was being fired, his offensive coordinator and the offense in general would remain the same. Then ownership goes and hires an offensive coordinator who scraps everything that was told to Cutler by ownership. I would be po'd as well.

Tony can blather on all he wants but bottom line is if the Bears had a Jay Cutler type at QB in their Super Bowl with Indy, Dungy is not a Super Bowl winner. End of discussion.

Cutler led the entire AFC in passing.
Jay was third in the league in passing.
Denver also led the league in dropped passes.
Denver only had 2 100 yard running games.

Denver went through 8 running backs and still was the second ranked offense in the league.
How do you do that without a good QB?
Better yet, how do you do that when the other team knows you can't run the ball and has six defense backs.

Cutler had eight games of 300 yards; five if those were over 350.
He brought his team back from behind in the fourth quarter for a win four times.

Jays record 17-20. Denvers defense gave up 450 points last year and were just as bad the year before.
The league average of points givin up by a Defense is 21 points.

When Denver held their opponent to 21 points or less Jay is 12-1!

Now Chicago has a defense and running game!

Let's play ball!!

Godspeed Cutler and the Bears

The sad thing is that in the same conference call that he said this about Cutler, he said he would not be afraid to sign Michael Vick if he needed a QB.

What in the world is this guy thinking???!!!!!

Tony Dungy is a well respected guy by Lovie and around the league, so I will give him that. But who was he before he met Payton Manning? To me his personality reminds me of Forrest Gump's. He gives Micheal Vick the stamp of approval, but not Cutler??? The claim about trading for Cutler to beat one team has got to be the STUPIDEST statement ever made by a sports analyst. The Bear's are trying to win the Super Bowl, and Cutler will definitely help our cause!!!

BTW, I would take Cutler over Rodgers any day of the week; the stats don't tell the whole story!!!




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