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The Pittsburgh Steelers have some big Super Bowl rings

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steeler-super-bowl-ring.jpgThe Pittsburgh Steelers received their Super Bowl rings last night in a nice little meet-up at Heinz Field. The team apparently chose this wide open locale because the commemorative jewelry is enormous and needs room to breathe.

Let's get more descriptive words from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The face contains six large, brilliant-cut diamonds, one for each Super Bowl victory. There are seven other diamonds that represent the Steelers' seven conference championships and seven others below to add up to their 14 division titles in a football design.

The face includes a red, blue and yellow stone to resemble their hypocycloid logo. On one side of each ring are six Lombardi Trophies with the 27-23 score of their victory against Arizona in the Super Bowl. On the other is the ring owner's name, the Steelers helmet logo, the NFL logo and the player's number.

The ring weighs in at a hefty 3.7 ounces and contains 63 diamonds.

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WOWZA...thats a pricy ring..

Who is the most successful sports franchise, could be Yankees or Steelers?

That is some real BLING! Congrats to the Super Steelers!
Can they get seven on February 7, 2010 in Miami? Stay tuned...

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