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So, did you see Artie Lange on Joe Buck's show last night?

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artie-lange-joe-buck-video.jpgAll the buzz this morning is centered on comedian Artie Lange's appearance on the inaugural episode of "Joe Buck Live" on HBO last night.

The foul-mouthed comic appeared in a fireside chat with Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis (each of whom I personally find much more humorous), but clearly dominated the conversation.

It goes without saying that the following link is extremely not safe for work -- unless you work on a 17th Century pirate boat with a particularly nasty captain.

Artie Lange goes off     (The Big Lead)

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It should be pointed out that inviting someone like Lange on live television probably isn't the best decision. Clearly, he wanted to hijack the show with a litany of F-bombs, homophobic slurs and some impromptu smoking. At a certain point, Buck lost control of the situation and was at the mercy of an unscripted, unedited Lange. To use a sporting metaphor: you can't fall behind in the count to someone as quick-witted as he is. You'll just never catch up.

It will be interesting to see what the fallout from all of this will be.

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A. Lange was hilarious!!!!

Linda S.

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