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Shaquille O'Neal mocks Dwight Howard, Stan Van Gundy on his Twitter

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When the outspoken Shaquille O'Neal began insisting on being called the Big Aristotle, we played along. After all, he is big and he occasionally said some funny and insightful things. Plus, no one's around who actually knew Aristotle.

But one wonders if the philosopher would post things like this on his Twitter account. Here, from the mind of O'Neal is a disturbing image.

This is what van gundy and dwight howards baby would look like:


O'Neal, of course, has plenty of time for this hypothetical zygote mash-ups since his Phoenix Suns were eliminated from contention. Howard, on the other hand, is competing for an NBA title. So, who's really getting the last laugh on this?

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I understand shaq has alot of time on his hands this summer. Maybe he should be practicing free throws.

Youre a douche.

That's the only guy who would taste Shaq's @$$!

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