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Ruben Brown's Motorcycle Run keeps on rollin'

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Ruben Brown web.jpgWe're lucky enough to have Sun-Times reporter Dave Newbart's words and pictures this evening. It's just what the doctor ordered after a three-day gap in coverage. We promise not to get that lazy on you again.

Ten bucks says you'll never love the Bears as much as the guy after the jump.


There might not be a more down-to-earth future NFL Hall-of-Famer than Ruben Brown. Brown, who played four seasons for the Bears and helped push them to the Super Bowl, has moved back to Buffalo, where he played nine great seasons for the Bills. But he's still well-loved among Bears fans and players and gets back to town frequently - primarily for Ruben Brown's Motorcycle Run, a charity ride that raises cash for the Salvation Army.
Sunday, the third year of the run in Chicago, saw more than 300 riders following Brown as he rode 100 miles on his vintage yellow bike with side-car from far North Suburban Woodstock to Elkhorn, Wis. and eventually to Island Lake. During an after-ride bash at Sideouts Bar & Eatery, Brown hung out with riders and diehard Bears fans, like Glenn Timmermann, 45, a Round Lake Beach factory manager who has covered his body in Bears-related tattoos. He has 92 autographs inked on to him permanently, highlighted by Da Coach's signature across the back of his skull.

Bears tattoo head.jpgChris Zorich, another former Bear who now spends a lot of time raising money for charity, was also on-hand. The event was headlined by local power blues great Wayne Baker Brooks (son of the legendary Lonnie Brooks), who gave a few lessons to 9-year-old budding blues phenom Tallan Latz, of Elkhorn, Wis.

Brown notes that despite all his years playing pro ball in New York and in college in Pittsburgh, he is still best recognized by the legion of Bears fans around the world. "They're everywhere,'' he says. Even his two sons have split allegiances, with one rooting for the Bears and another cheering for the Bills.
Sunday's ride raised more than $15,000 for the local Salvation Army. As Brown says, "I benefited from the Salvation Army when I was a kid, and now I'm giving back.''
Rube, as his friends call him, will lead two more rides this month: this Sunday, June 7, in Lynchburg, Va. (where Brown grew up) and June 28 in Buffalo. For that last ride Brown expects 3,000 bikers.

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Bears tattoo leg .jpg Glenn Timmermann shows off his Walter Payton ink on his leg.

Bears Tattoo guy web.jpgTimmerman shows off his permanent autographs.

Chris Zorich web.jpgFormer Chicago Bear Chris Zorich and Jerry DeLaurentis, owner of Sideouts Bar & Eatery in Island Lake, hang out.

Bikers we.jpgBikers cruised in a wide variety of bikes.

Wayne and Tallan web.jpgBlues great Wayne Baker Brooks performs with Tallan Latz, 9, after the ride.

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