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Orlando's Mickael Pietrus won't wear his Kobe Bryant-approved shoes against actual Kobe Bryant

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mickael-pietrus-shoes.jpgConsider for one second just how bizarre it is that people have shoes named after them. I'd offer that the founding fathers could not have foreseen a nation where highly skilled athletes helped hawk footwear to an overly receptive nation.

But, I digress.

Basketball shoes are fun because they make situations like the one Orlando Magic shooting guard Mickael Pietrus is currently facing possible.

Pietrus said he has worn a pair of basketball shoes that Bryant endorses during games but will not do so for his NBA Finals match-up against the Lakers.  "I have some at my house, but I'm going to play with Michael Jordan shoes," Pietrus said.
Imagine the hyperbole of a man clad in Bryant-approved footwear locking down the prolific scorers, thus making said shoes slightly less marketable. NBA commissioner David Stern just wouldn't have it.
Pietrus, who received the unenviable task of guarding LeBron James in the conference finals, has a surefire way to stop Bryant.

It involves asking nicely.

"The only thing I can do is try to minimize his touches in the fourth quarter," Pietrus said. "He's a tremendous player and those guys you can not stop them. So maybe I can say, 'Hey, stop, Kobe! Yo! Stop!' Maybe that's the only way I can stop him. 'Stop for a minute!'"
Mickael Pietrus will ditch Kobe-endorsed shoes for NBA Finals     (Orlando Sentinel)

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