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Milton Bradley sent home early by Lou Piniella from Cubs-Sox game

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milton-bradley-lou-piniella-cubs.JPGAfter popping out to right field during the sixth inning of Friday's Cubs-Sox game, Milton Bradley decided to express his frustration by throwing his batting helmet and smashing a water cooler.

Apparently this type of behavior had happened one too many times for manager Lou Piniella.

"I told him to take his uniform off and go home," said Piniella during the post-game press conference. "I followed him up into the clubhouse and we exchanged some words. I don't like those things to happen, but I'm just tired of watching it."

Piniella called it a "common occurrence," and said he's done looking the other way. Whether any fallout will come of the incident is yet to be seen.

"I'm gonna put his name in the lineup tomorrow and that's it," Piniella said. 

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Milton needs to STAY home!!!!!

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