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Michael Phelps now hawking waterproof headphones

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phelpsvideogame.jpgMichael Phelps is taking a huge step on the road back to corporate-sponsor redemption as he's expected to announce a partnership with H20 Audio today.

The product the swimming and book-writing enthusiast is pitching -- waterproof headphones -- could not be better suited to his life.

You'll recall that Kellogg's dropped Phelps after the now-infamous bong picture surfaced, while companies such as Visa, Speedo and Omega have stood by him.

This marks the first new endorsement deal for Phelps since all of the photograph hubbub.

H20 will feature Phelps in a summer ad campaign, says founder and chief executive Kristian Rauhala.

In an exclusive interview with USA TODAY, Phelps said H20's in-ear, waterproof Surge headphones have helped improve his training sessions. They're integrated with the Interval carrying case housing an iPod Shuffle music player. Phelps says he attaches the apparatus to his swim cap with a magnetic strip.

Look for Phelps' smiling face on products in the audio department of your local Apple, Target, Sports Authority and Best Buy stores this summer.

Phelps lands first sponsor since infamous bong photo     (USA Today)

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1 Comment

I think that it is so much more apropos for Phelps to endorse a swimming related product than Kellogg's cereal! Further, it might be that he is doing the swimming world a bit of a service here in that most swimmers are not aware that you can listen to music while swimming. Now that Phelps is endorsing such a product, its acceptance by water sports enthusiasts should greatly increase. Too bad that Phelps didn't team up with Swimman, the originator and producer of the best product in the field! That would have been a great stroke for the swimming world!

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