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Los Angeles Angels draft Asaad Ali, son of boxing legend

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We understand if you haven't been glued to your computer monitoring the later rounds of the Major League Baseball draft. It's just...a lot of rounds.

One of the more notable picks -- coming in the 40th round -- was that of Asaad Ali. The 18-year-old catcher from beautiful Niles, Mich. is the adopted son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

So, what about Ali's tape of the tape?

He weighs in at 224 pounds, stands 5-10 and hit .367 with 2 home runs and 18 RBI this season.

Angels draft boxing legend Ali's son     (MLB)

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1 Comment

I'm calling it now, Asaad Ali 7 time MVP, 8 time batting champion Hall of Famer.

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