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Kimbo Slice to appear on 'The Ultimate Fighter'

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kimbo-slice.jpgKimbo Slice, the bearded tough guy who last year headlined the most-viewed mixed martial arts card in history, will be a contestant on the upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

Born Kevin Ferguson, Slice fought for the now extinct Elite XC, but has been repeatedly belittled by UFC president Dana White for his lack of ability.

White has called him a "joke," a "bum" and "not a real fighter," among other less than kind descriptions. He said that Slice would "get murdered if he fought in the UFC" and suggested that his lightweight champion, 155-pound B.J. Penn, would "annihilate" the 230-pound Slice.

The UFC president has repeatedly insisted he would not allow Slice to compete in the UFC unless he won his way onto the show by competing on "The Ultimate Fighter," which beings taping Wednesday and is scheduled to air in September.

Former UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans will serve as coaches this go-around, ensuring some healthy ratings for the show.

Will you tune in to see Slice fight? Does this whole thing reek of contrived controversy? Does Slice actually have a chance to take the title?

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I can't wait to see this... he better represent Miami the right way this time!

aww man dude gonna get knocked out again.. This kat need to build up his (wind) endurance. He needs to focus all his attention on his ground game

Now he'll know what it's like to train like a real fighter and possibly develop some real skill and confidence. If your past and present fighting competition has been those of wanna-be-tough guys on youTube, then of course the strongest bum rush will prevail.
But if you want to up your game and improve all around as a fighter and athlete,then, the UFC is the way to go. The place where respect is earned through hardwork and not fluff. Where the only enemy and ultimate opponent is yourself. A place where that fear you've been lugging around all these years surfaces and destroys you, or you deal with it and do away with it and become more than what you are, a true fighter.
Do your best, Kimbo, and don't embarrass MMA, ever again!

Devon sounds like a tool.

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