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Johnny Benson Jr. seriously injured in crash

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johnny-benson-crash.JPGJohnny Benson Jr. was transported to a Grand Rapids hospital after being involved in a fiery wreck Saturday night.

The incident occurred on the first lap of the featured race at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Mich. Entering turn four, Benson crashed into the outside wall and was engulfed in flames before safety crews could arrive.

Benson is the defending NASCAR Truck series champion.

Johnny Benson Jr. seriously injured in Berlin Raceway crash    (WZZM)

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get well soon, we miss ya out there

Get well soon Johnny. We love you here in Saginaw, Michigan!

Local story is that after the crash you could have heard a pin drop at Berlin raceway. The Benson family ,Johnny Sr and Jr have had a well deserved loyal following here in the hometown for fifty years. Kyle, you forgot to mention that although Johnny is slightly older, you and he grew up in the same nieghborhood and attended the same school.

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