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If we don't live in a world where an A-Rod-Kate Hudson romance can't work, what kind of world do we live in?

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for arod-selena-roberts.jpgOur celebrity guy Bill Zwecker reports this morning that there may be some ominous signs beginning to surround the romance between New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and actress Kate Hudson.

Although the couple haven't confirmed they're dating, the two were seen canoodling at Kady Herron's Halloween party, among other indicators.
A source close to the third baseman weighs in on the relationship.

"Already, you can hear it in Alex's voice," said the source Monday. "When he heard she had hired a 'baseball expert' to teach her the finer points of the game, '[Rodriguez] just rolled his eyes and sighed,' " added the longtime friend. "It's a fun fling for him, but it won't last. ... He likes to have famous, beautiful women on his arm -- just like he's into fancy, expensive watches ... but he keeps the watches a lot longer!
Evidently A-Rod isn't as qualified as a "baseball expert" to give Hudson the heads-up when the infield fly rule is in effect.

Rodriguez is hitting a modest .248 this season.

Is there already trouble for Kate Hudson and A-Rod?     (Sun-Times)

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That's such a bunch of crap. Kate Hudson is a known tomboy who grew up doing sports with brothers and is an athlete in her own right. Also, her "pa" was a minor league baseball player. Kate Hudson knows baseball more than most guys. Chicago Sun Times is always full of such s***.

there is such a big fuss over this relationship its not even worth printing, cant believe its news. hudson has a history of being photographed at many sports events not just baseball she seems avid sports fan who enjoys going to these events & whats wrong with arod & hudson catching up for drink after? they just friends & if they took things further big deal, hope they do. Ingrid Caseras was seen photographed more times with arod having meals & nobody fussed bout that, madonna was different she was having sex with arod & they popping steroid pills together.

ingrid caseras & arod hung out together cos they both shagging madonna,hudson should find herself a real man someone who hasnt slept with madonna.

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