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Frank Matrisciano trains Blake Griffin, is not into advertising

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Blake Griffin's body of work to this point has led him to be the consensus No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. His rebounding and point-scoring exploits are well-known from coast to coat. The man behind that body, a San Franciso trainer named Frank Matrisciano, gets his moment in the sun today, via a USA Today profile.

The Griffins sought out Matrisciano last spring for his survival-of-the-fittest training. Matrisciano doesn't advertise his services, but those who are serious about fitness training hear about him through the grapevine. His client list includes military personnel, martial arts aficionados, members of California's upscale crowd and professional athletes. He has carved a niche with basketball players.

He doesn't put athletes on treadmills or in weight rooms. Rope climbs are more his thing, but the climbers can't use their feet, and they wear weighted vests. It's also common for athletes to run in ankle-deep sand while dragging weighted harnesses.

Yeah, that's probably not for everyone.

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I would really like to get in touch with Frank Matrisciano. I am an ex basketball player who played pro in Germany and England. I am now an auditor in a CPA firm who is serious about fitness. If there is a way that he will see this comment, please contact me.

u jerk

Just trying to find dads side 4 yrs...


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