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Eddy Curry's suburban mansion in foreclosure

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The lavish Burr Ridge home owned by former Bulls player Eddy Curry is in foreclosure. (Sun-Times photo)


The multi-million dollar home of former Chicago Bulls player Eddy Curry in southwest suburban Burr Ridge is in foreclosure, according to a filing Monday in Cook County Circuit Court.

Bayview Loan Servicing filed a foreclosure notice against Curry, his wife, Patrice, Morgan Stanley Credit Corp., the People of Illinois and Kay Bros. Enterprises Inc.

According to the filing, Curry and his wife took out a $3,719,316 mortgage on the home at 6655 Lee Court on July 3, 2006. The mortgagee named on the filing is Eddy Curry.

At the time Curry and his wife took out the mortgage for the home, there was an initial monthly payment due of $28,675 with an interest rate of 9.25 percent, the filing said. During the repayment period, the interest rate could drop to no lower than 3.25 percent, and could not go higher than 15.25 percent.

If the Curry's made their monthly payments on time, their final mortgage payment would be due in August 2036.

As of June 26, 2009, the amount due is $217,502.82, the filing said.

The Burr Ridge home was the site where several men broke into the residence, restrained Curry and his family, and robbed them in July 2007.

Curry--who attended Thornwood High School and was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2001--currently plays for the New York Knicks.

The filing seeks the house to be foreclosed, and put up for sale.

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Seems like Eddie just walked away from the home....underwater?

This situation shows exactly why Eddie Curry deserved a 9.25% rate when rates in 2006 were at 5.5%. Eddie Curry is a deadbeat. Gotta pay your bill Eddie.

Scuse me, but looks like them Kyle Kostner and Kebin Allen want to make $$ OFF the difficult time which Ed Currey is in.

Sleep Well and say healthy.

Kyle responds: I'll have to check our records, but this might be the best comment we've ever received. I'm sure Kyle Kostner and Kebin Allen are profiting wildly from this story about a third-party home foreclosure that involves whomever this Ed Currey character is. Plus, I just overheard them say "healthy" out loud.

Why the heck would he take out a mortgage on a $4M home? Wasn't he making $9M a year? Why not just buy it with one lump sum and avoid the crazy interest rates? 30 year mortgage?

Why Eddy, why?

Eddie Curry makes more than $10.5 million a year or $875,000 a month. That's how he qualified for a $3 million mortgage and $25,000 monthly payments. Maybe if he'd gone to college he would have learned some things about financial responsibility and self-discipline and becoming a responsible adult.

Too Much $$ spent at the local White Castle Eddy. Got a little too chubby there boy. No more nice house and no more white castles for you!

Another example of why he probably should have went to college and taken a course in Personal Financial Planning. Why would you take out a 30 year mortgage on a $4 million home? He should have bank his money, rented a home for a couple of years, and then paid a lump sum payment toward a home where he would have not had a mortgage. Better yet, why didn't he refinance because the home mortgage loans interest has dropped dramatically. Instead of $25,000 payments he could have been paying $18,000 which might have been more affordable!! LOL!! I used to watch Eddie Curry on a school back in 2001 called Chicago Hoops and at that time he didn't seem to be that bright because in one espisode in done on him that he couldn't drive fast because he had the emergency breaks on the whole time he had the car. Eddie go back to school and take a few courses in basic math and budgeting, because you have five kids to feed. They do not need to suffer because of your stupidity.

he is a dead beat. he never pays his bills the house is nice but he is stupid

That is a horrible loan? Who is that guy's agent? Maybe that guy should get his name in the paper too!!

I think Eddy Curry has difficulty in financial managing because of what happened to him that the filing seeks the house to be foreclosed, and put up for sale.

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