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Did Carlos Zambrano intentionally throw at DeWayne Wise?

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carlos-zambrano-dewayne-wise.JPG"It was a cutter that cut too much."

That's Carlos Zambrano's story and he's sticking to it. The  Cubs ace said he was certainly not throwing at DeWayne Wise in the sixth inning of Sunday's game at U.S. Cellular Field one pitch after Chris Getz stole home.

"In that situation I don't want to get myself in more trouble," Zambrano said after the game. "I want get out of that situation and pitch my six innings or seven innings."

Wise saw it differently, however.

"I (thought) that he would probably hit me right there," said Wise in the White Sox clubhouse. "That's Zambrano being Zambrano."

As Wise took his base, he voiced his displeasure while traveling the basepath and exchanged words with Zambrano. Wise paraphrased, telling reporters he advised Zambrano, "That wasn't right."

"I don't know why he was like that," said Zambrano. "I wasn't even looking at him. I heard what he said, but I didn't understand what he said. I heard that he was talking to me. I turned around and said, 'What'?"

That's when umpires stepped in and managers stepped out, avoiding further benches-clearing conflict.

Both benches were warned the next inning after Sox starter John Danks biffed Cubs leadoff batter Ryan Freel.

One thing is for sure -- this won't certainly won't endear Zambrano to White Sox fans. No matter how much Guillen sings his praises, Sox fans tend to think "Zambrano being Zambrano" is getting old. 

But Z has said in the past he hopes to play for the South Siders before his career is over. With incidents like the one in Sunday's sixth inning, he certainly isn't winning any fans on the South Side and, considering his line (5 1/3 IP, 9 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 3 SO) he may soon find himself losing fans on the North Side.   

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Zambrano was being very sarcastic when he made that statement about "wanting to play for the southsiders before his career is over." How foolish that this writer would write that sarcastic statement as though it had any truth.

"Z" loves the CUBS too much and has a lot of passion for his team to even think that he would ever want to play for the enemy.

Oh PLEZ-Z-Z-Z! This is just the Sox players and their fans whining as usual. Geez, they win the game and still act like spoiled babies. Get over it and grow up!

As a city fan, I don't care who wins these cross town games, but I sure do get tired of hearing the whining from the south siders...

No, He was not throwing at him, lot of sox hitters are on top of the plate anyway, the ball started overt plate and tailed in. The previous pitch got away from him as well. Sox, Ozzie, Wise, and Harrelson should stop being such cry babies....

Why is one hit batter such a big deal? Let it go.

Zambrano is a shaved ape.

Didn't Zambrano hit two players in this game? I'm confused-if he hit two players in the same game he probably needs to work on his control. But I thought I heard he's only hit three players this entire season. Hmmmm, 2 Sox players in one game, 3 players in the entire season. LOL, sure it was an accident.

Wow I guess the Suntimes is read by mostly cub fans. Yes Zambrano was throwing at Wise and yes Danks hit Freel on purpose. Its a part of the game the players know it and when you get hit on purpose it's part of your job to get pissed off about it like Wise did and the players/managers job is to protect their players/teammates like they did. And both pitchers have to deny that they did it on purpose because if they say they did it on purpose they will get suspended. This is all a part of baseball cub fans so just chill. And about Zambrano yes he said the only two teams he'd play for beside the cubs are the White Sox and Red Sox

Wow you guys are really drinking the Cubby cool aid...i'm not

What was the score? Oh that's right - SOX WIN! And PLE-Z-Z-Z stop acting like you don't care. You took time to write a comment calling us whiners, so you DO care. Another year up in smoke and no championship!

Of course he did. I love the White Sox, but this was old school baseball and I expected it right after Getz scored. Most pitchers would've done the same. It is part of the sport whether you like it or not.

@ RS:
It wasn't just one hit batter, it was two over the course of the game. The second hit occurred immediately after Getz stole home for the Sox. Zambrano has a history of letting his frustration get the better of him. Do you really believe it was just some isolated incident?

It's a pattern of emotional instability at best, intentional retaliation at worst. Either way, Zambrano is a disgrace.

Actually, RS, Wise was the second HBP for Zambrano yesterday.

No, I don't believe Big Z meant to hit Wise. Seriously, why would he plunk the #9 hitter who's hitting .203? He was starting to lose his cool, and with it, his control. That's all.

Let it go!! The Crosstown Classic is over (until Sept. 3) - despite their road struggles, the Cub are in good shape remaining 3.5 gb of first place.

Linda S.

P.S. K. Allen & K. Koster - NICE pics!!!

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