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Charlie Murphy's Michael Jordan parody makes me want to Get My Basketball On

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We all know the story.

Michael Jordan is cut from his high school basketball team and uses that for motivation to author the most impressive NBA career of all-time. It's inspiring, yes, but it's also ripe for parody.

That's where Charlie Murphy comes in. In a faux infomercial, Murphy plays LeRoy Smith, the man who apparently beat M.J. out for the last spot on the team.

Get your basketball on, gang.

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What is this advertising? Besides Charlie Murphy, of course.

I don't get it. Everywhere I go people seem to think these spots are funny. I have seen them all on the site, and I chuckled two, three times max. I don't know, it just seems like he was trying too hard. Like he was trying to revive the decomposed corpse of The Chappelle Show , Pet Sematary style. Is there something I'm missing?

You are missing something. Its called a sense of humor and if you don't have it then don't waste your time trying to get one.

Hey Mr. Humor, my question wasn't a setup for your "snazzy comeback". I was asking a legitimate question. It seems to me that too many people get by on their name alone at times. I will be the first to admit, I thought it was awesome that Charlie finally got to be a household name when Chappelle's Show thrust him into the spotlight. All the other stuff I have seen him in was funny because the writing and acting were great. The writing and acting for "Leroy Smith" is horrible in my opinion. If you have ever seen the Cartoon Network shows like the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and Saul of the Molemen and you think those shows are funny, then I can understand why you might think this show is funny.

By the way, for a guy name Mr. Humor, you sure seem like you'd get along with Mr. Wilson, Mr. Furly, the two old guys in the balcony from Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch, Bluto, Elmer Fudd, and my stepfather. Geez, don't get all emo about it dude.

Have you played the Leroy Smith video game? It's pretty funny.

haha. that was a lame question shawn. and it looks like ur ust trying to over analyze something to make you look smarter

Funny is funny, and dat's funny...If you don't like this I already know you like sienfield...Hahaha!Only somebody who thinks Friends and Siendfield are funny wouldn't think this was funny...James 209X Supestar

First all, the dialouge between Shawn and Mr. Humor are hilarious. Shawn, you have your right to an opinion, but the website is is actually pretty well done, and the game is the icing on the cake.

I thought the same about Charlie Murphy... until I saw him live. He is actually really funny. Shawn, if this is not funny what do you find funny? Ellen?

Anybody that thinks Charlie Murphy is funny must be on mushrooms.
Guy's material sucks, his presentation sucks, acting sucks ... etc. sucks.
Really should find another way to express himself, maybe try painting or sculpting ... anything where he isn't trying to be funny!
Cause he sucks!

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