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How good will the Bears be in Madden 10?

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cutler-madden-10.jpgFor the Madden faithful, we celebrate today the release of the latest team and player ratings for Madden 10. (What it lacks in the significant other department, Madden Nation more than makes up for in hand-eye coordination.)

If you're anything like me, you refuse to use any team but the Chicago Bears when playing the latest installment of the Madden video game franchise. Therefore, today's developments come with great anticipation.
First of all, we're getting the first look at Jay Cutler in a virtual Bears uniform (above) -- which is noteworthy in itself. But it's also a chance for Chicagoans to find out what video game developers think of this year's squad.

(Click here to download the full Bears ratings) 

EA Sports promised with Madden 10 more of a disparity between some of the league's marquee players and the Joey LaRocques of the league.

Here are some of the overall ratings highlights for the Bears:

Orlando Pace: 87
Matt Forte: 89
Robbie Gould: 94
Brian Urlacher: 94
Jay Cutler: 87
Lance Briggs: 95
Tommie Harris: 92
Olin Kreutz: 87

Unfortunately for Cutler, the lowlights of this season's team include the entire wide receiver corps. Earl Bennett (72) is the team's highest-rated wide out, while Devin Hester (71), Rashied Davis (69), Juaquin Iglesias (69) and Johnny Knox (62) comprise the rest of the lackluster bunch. Worth noting is Hester's speed and return ability, which keep steady this season at 99 apiece despite a significant drop in actual return numbers last season.

In the underrated category, tight end Greg Olsen was only given an 82 and defensive end Adewale Ogunleye carries an 83 overall rating.

Pass defense for the Bears in real life remains a question mark for the team, and Madden 10 follows suit. Only one player in the team's secondary -- Charles Tillman -- is higher than 80 at 82. The safety spots are especially weak with Kevin Payne (76) as the best option for strong safety and Josh Bullocks (76) at free safety. Despite picking up some of Hester's slack last season as a return man, Danieal Manning carries only a 72 rating in the return department.

This marks the first year that Lance Briggs has carried a higher Madden rating going into the season than Brian Urlacher.

Pisa Tinoisamoa, who signed a one-year deal with the Bears last month, was not among those on the list. However, he's expected to be the frontrunner to start opposite Lance Briggs.

And finally, the Madden 10 team rankings for the NFC North:

Vikings: 80
Bears: 79
Packers: 78
Lions: 65

Elsewhere around the NFC North, the Packers' Aaron Rodgers is one overall point behind Cutler at 86, while the first-overall draft choice of the Lions, Matthew Stafford, has an overall ranking of 79. The Vikings come in with running back Adrian Peterson at 97, a strong offensive line, but a No. 1 quarterback in Sage Rosenfels with a paltry 69 rating.

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im going to get in peoples ass this year in madden. bears all day

bears allday. no one will be able to touch me this year. and i bet they will get better when the updates ship out

look I been reading a few blogs and from what i understand maddens standards have been raised in everyones rateings are dropping.....which i hope isnt has bad as i T.O cant even catch now in 2010 with a 85 catch rateing.....but either way madden has been the best football game i have ever played so i turst what there doing....

why is olsen so low i mean i checked out some of the other teams tight ends and i noticed john carlson and zack miller r both 87 if they r 87 then hes a 90 and why is hester so low to i notice ted gin is alot better than him at 78 and i like that they made bennett so good but why is his speed so low at 83? and for anyone who sais jutler has no targets thats not true he has his favorite colledge target and hester could really have a good season just orton didnt give him a chance to do so

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