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Author, Author: Michael Phelps has written a book

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phelps8.jpgIf you're Michael Phelps, you probably faced a bit of a quandary a while back.

What do you do after you captivate an entire nation with a brilliant Olympic performance, stand at the center of a drug controversy and have your picture snapped numerous times with scantily clad co-eds?

Why, you write a children's book, of course.

Phelps draws heavily on his real life in the new title, "How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals," which is available in stores now.
In the book Phelps describes his training regimen in terms relatable to kids. For example, during six years of training, he swam 12,480 miles. He points out that's the same as swimming "from my hometown of Baltimore to the North Pole and back, and doing it all over again!

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