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Anyone interested in starting up a shin-kicking league?

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shin-kicking.jpgAdmit it. Lately you've been drifting aimlessly, awash in a pile of bills you can't pay and toiling away at a job you don't find rewarding.

If only there was some sort of escape, something to look forward to at the end of the day. Something that combined the two loves of your life: straw and kicking people in the shins...

If only you lived in rural England. Then you could fill that void.

Dover's Hill in the English West country recently played host to the time-honoured Costswold Olimpicks recently.

The games feature a variety of unusual disciplines. Including the tug-of-war and the wheelbarrow race. But, the highlight for most is the bruising sport of shin-kicking. It's been a while since I've seen a good shin-kicking.

This game requires strength, technique...seriously, and of course a good pair of legs. The idea is to kick your opponents shins until you literally leave them without a leg to stand on.

Twenty-seven-year-old Phil Titmus won this year's contest.

Here's evidence:

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