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This Happened on May 23

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Every day, our team of photographers here at the Sun-Times does an amazing job capturing all of the breaking news and sporting events of the day. To recognize their efforts, we'd like to present a new segment we'll just call "This Happened." It will feature the most heartwarming or compelling photo of the day. I hope we don't get bored with it.

something-good.JPGU.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Daniel Maher stands on the Picasso statue to get a view from above the Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony at Daley Plaza Saturday in Chicago. Maher's younger brother, U.S. Marine Sean Maher, was killed in 2005 while deployed in Iraq. (John J. Kim/Sun-Times)

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This photograph is beautiful, and it brought a tear to my eye.

This photograph is so beautiful, and brought a tear to my eye

This photo is beautiful....Thanks for remembering our service members, whether big or small. My son joined the Navy! And something like this makes it even more precious.

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