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The Miz antagonizes Alfonso Soriano at WWE in Chicago

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SORIANO.jpgWWE wrestler and former Real World cast member The Miz dissed the Cubs and called out Alfonso Soriano in front of thousands of wrestling fans at Allstate Arena Sunday night.

The Miz likened the Cubs to fellow wrestler, John Cena, calling them both "lovable losers."

the MIZZ.jpgThe Miz then called out the left fielder, who was sitting in the front row for the event. Soriano stood stoically as The Miz berated him, claiming Soriano would never win a World Series as long as he's playing baseball on Chicago's north side.

If Soriano disagreed, The Miz suggested, he should come in the ring and do something about it. Soriano declined, which prompted the Miz to fake a phone call from Cubs manager Lou Piniella.

"[Lou] said that you can't do it," said the Miz, "because he said he'd rather you get your yearly injury on the field rather than off."

Good call, fake Lou Piniella. Good call.

Steve Dahl Show has video of the event here.

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Geez. If I understand this right Soriano is there to watch the show - probably with his kids or friends or something - and this knucklehead calls him out and embarasses him in public, then threatens to beat him up if he disagrees. Terrible. You don't need to be a Soriano or Cubs hater to know this is a pathetic way to act.

Idiot, its all a work. Its not real GVJ. Soriano knew what was happening the whole time. But he still sucks. a

I'm not a Cubs fans I'm a huge Sox fan, and even I didn't feel comfortable w/this. That was just plain mean..

Wow now I understand why he sucked so much in St L, his feelings were hurt. It is the WWF folks it is a joke, make believe.

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