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So, is Brett Favre returning to the NFL as a member of the Minnesota Vikings?

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A source close to both Brett Favre and Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress says the two parties will meet later this week to discuss the possibility of Favre returning to the NFL to play for the Vikes.

There is a mutual understanding that sometime soon thereafter Favre will decide whether to sign with the Vikings. The team would expect him to participate fully in offseason minicamps and training camps, which he missed last year with the Jets.

Favre has not been working out and declined to have surgery to repair the torn biceps tendon that plagued him the final month of last season.

Favre may believe the injury can heal on its own as did a similar problem with his left shoulder while he played in Green Bay. A source close to Favre told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that how the injury heals will play a role in the quarterback's decision.

If you feel like you've read this story before, that's because it's the same "will he, won't he" drama that's been surrounding Favre ever since he threw that interception in overtime against the New York Giants in that NFC Championship game.

You may remember that Favre used to play for the Green Bay Packers. That was before things got super weird for all of us.

This is where you unleash your righteous indignation.

Have at it, kids.

Source: Favre, Vikes to discuss playing     (ESPN)

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Fuck yeah, favre to kick some ass in MN

No surprises here! Just when B. Favre realized that he was out of the spotlight, he brings the attention back to himself.

I hope the Viking sign him. This way they'll have to bench a superior quarterback in S. Rosenfelds.

I hope by now that Packer fans have realized that B. Favre is a loser and maybe shouldn't have idolized him for the last 15 years.

Linda S.

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